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More Than You Know

WDO is the acronym for Wood Destroying Organism. They are pests and fungi that digest wood (i.e. they use your home as a source of food). WDO’s regularly show little evidence and can be overlooked for years as they are difficult to detect. There is a moderate amount of subterranean termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees in Northeast Ohio. Not spotting these insects in time can cost thousands of dollars in damage and they can cause structural damage. Organisms included, but not limited to, in our WDO inspection report include:

  • Carpenter ants and carpenter bees

  • Termites, including subterranean and drywood varieties
  • Wood boring beetles, such as Powderpost Beetles
  • Wood decaying fungi (i.e. wood rot)

How Is The Inspection Performed & What Is Inspected?

WDO inspections are required for FHA and VA mortgages, as well as some loans from different financial institutions. By law, an inspection for WDO’s and their evidence is the careful visual examination of all accessible areas of a building and the sounding of accessible structural members adjacent to slab areas in contact with masonry walls and other areas particularly susceptible to attack by WDO’s. Evidence includes both present and past activity of WDO’s visible in, on or under a structure, or in or on debris under the structure. Permanently attached decks, porches, storage sheds, etc. are included in these inspections. Outbuildings or other detached structures are not routinely inspected unless specifically requested by the client. In order for the inspection to be completed correctly, we must have access to all interior and exterior areas of the structure to be inspected. We will indicate areas of the structure that were inaccessible at the time of inspection. Obviously inaccessible areas, such as inside walls, beneath carpet or other floor coverings, etc., will not be listed separately. The average cost for repairs after a termite infestation is approximately $3,000. Costs can be much higher depending on the severity of the damage.

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