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What is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

The purpose of a sewer scope inspection is to evaluate the condition of the property’s sewer line and to determine if the system is functioning as designed. 

Learning the exact condition of the main sewer line is a crucial aspect when purchasing a home or home ownership in general. As a prospective home buyer, failure to inspect the sewer line of the home you want to purchase could leave you paying for expensive future repairs if the sewer line is cracked or broken, has root invasion, or build ups that will eventually cause back ups.

Our Sewer Scope Inspection Service

Our trusted sewer scope service is guaranteed to give you a comprehensive and honest diagnosis of the condition of the sewer line. Our technician will insert a mini video camera into the sewer line through the sewer clean out. The clean out may be located in the basement, crawlspace or outside where the sewer line exits the home. If no obstructions are encountered, we will inspect from the clean out to the city main. If problems with the line are found, we are able to accurately pinpoint the location of the trouble area.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Common sewer line problems are root intrusion, holes, pooling, cracks, and pipe separation. A functioning sewer line may have problems that do not currently affect the performance of the line. However, these problems may cause a future sewer backup leading to an unexpected emergency line repair or replacement.

Not Just A Sewer Scope Inspection

You will receive a written report detailing the condition of the main line and a link to the high quality, digital video recorded at the time of inspection.

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General Home Inspection

$325Up to 1,500 sqft

General Home Inspection

$3501,501 - 2,000 sqft

General Home Inspection

$3752,001 - 2,500 sqft


$300Up to 1,500 sqft

Additional Inspection Services

Radon Testing

$185 w/GHI $150

Pest Inspection

$85 w/GHI $65

Mold Inspection

$255 3 air samples

Indoor Air Quality Samples

$85 Per Sample

Sewer Scope Inspection

$200 w/GHI $175
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